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Experience the authentic taste of Japan with PRAANA TEA's Japanese Sencha Green Tea. This retail pack contains 100g of the highest quality Sencha leaves, sourced from the lush tea gardens of Japan.

Sencha tea is known for its rich antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy and refreshing beverage. Enjoy the perfect cup of tea with every sip, and savor the distinctive aroma and flavor of this exquisite blend.


PRAANA TEA - Japanese Sencha Green Tea - Retail Pack - 100g

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  • Premium Sencha Green Tea. Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Grown 200 - 1000ft above sea level.



  • LEAVES: Traditional Steamed, Pan-Fried & Polished Sencha Green Leaves
    TASTE: Smooth with a reasonable depth and body
    STRENGTH: Light Bodied
    WELLBEING: Cleansing

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