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Introducing the PRAANA TEA English Breakfast Tea Catering Pack - 500g, the perfect choice for those who love a well-balanced blend of black tea and safflowers.

Our tea is blended with care and skill to bring out the rich aroma and taste in every cup. We believe in sharing happiness in every cup and our English Breakfast Tea is no exception. It's a pure wellness feast that will help you stay alert and super active throughout the day.

So why wait? Order now and experience the difference that only PRAANA TEA can offer.

PRAANA TEA - English Breakfast Tea Catering Pack - 500g

Артикул: 502-500
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  • Luxury Black Tea and naturally dried safflower petals

  • LEAVES: Blend of Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe, Broken Pekoe, and Orthodox
    TASTE: Full round-bodied taste - Great with milk 
    STRENGTH: Full Bodied
    WELLBEING: Refreshing, Calming and relaxing
    WEIGHT: 500g

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