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Image by Jim Reardan


We, at PRAANA TEA, partner with other companies to create and co-pack premium Private Label Tea. This means if you are a tea shop, hotel restaurant, spa, or any other small business then you can sell our tea with your brand name. Here, we will do all the work of importing, blending, and packaging the products and then sell them to you at wholesale prices. This way by using our Private Label you can save your time and money to achieve huge success in less time. 

With our experience and knowledge of the international market, we are competent when it comes to offering blends, which are appropriate for all kinds of customers and match their penchants at the same time. 

As your Private Label partner, we will bring you the best tea products sourced from different parts of the world and specifically blended with the purpose of enhancing the taste and smell of the products without adding artificial flavours. 

We, at PRAANA TEA, will provide you with the needed support and advice in developing your own private label. Contact us now, and we will help you in executing your vision! 

Image by Visual Stories || Micheile
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