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Introducing our catering pack of PRAANA TEA - Decaffeinated Black Tea, weighing 500g. Made with the finest quality tea leaves, this tea is decaffeinated in its green and fresh state, resulting in a full-bodied flavour and true malty taste.

Unlike traditional decaffeination methods, this tea retains its natural flavour and aroma. Perfect for serving at large gatherings or events, our Decaffeinated Black Tea is a must-have for tea lovers who want to enjoy the taste of black tea without the caffeine.

Try it out and savor the delicious Pekoe Fanning flavour.

PRAANA TEA - Decaffeinated Black Tea - Catering Pack 500g

SKU : 503-500
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  • Decaffeinated Black Tea, Pekoe Fannings (PF)

  • LEAVES: Pekoe Fannings
    TASTE: With a true malty taste and subtle rosy notes,
    STRENGTH: Full-bodied.
    WELLBEING: Refreshing 
    WEIGHT: 500g

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