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Introducing the premium Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea from PRAANA TEA, now available in a 100g pack.

This exceptional tea is hand-picked from the lush green tea gardens of Sri Lanka and processed naturally to preserve its delicate nutrients, bioflavonoids, and volatile oils.

The result is a tea with a pleasant aroma, unmatched freshness, and a taste that is sure to delight your senses. Treat yourself to the finest quality black tea from the renowned brand PRAANA TEA and experience the difference.

PRAANA TEA - Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea - Retail Pack - 100g

SKU : 500-100
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  • Luxury Orange Pekoe Black Leaf Tea from the world-renowned Kenilworth  tea gardens in Sri Lanka
    A truly delightful, flavoursome tea from one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka

  • LEAVES: Orthodox Orange Pekoe (OP1)
    TASTE: Medium body with astringent and lively flavour
    STRENGTH: Medium Bodied
    WELLBEING: Refreshing
    WEIGHT: 100g

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