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Indulge in the truly exquisite experience of PRAANA TEA's Black Tea with Jasmine Buds and Almond. This premium quality Ceylon black tea is blended with the delicate sweetness of Jasmine buds and the nutty richness of roasted Almond flavour. Packaged in an eco-friendly and resellable gift tin, this 100g offering makes for an ideal gift to your loved ones.

Enjoy the perfect balance of flavours with all-natural ingredients that create a truly remarkable tea experience.

Experience the richness of pure Ceylon Black Tea with the added touch of Jasmine Buds and Almond flavour, only with PRAANA TEA.

PRAANA TEA -Black Tea with Jasmine Buds and Almond - Gift Tin - 100g

SKU : PTS-508-100
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  • 100% Pure black tea, Jasmine buds, roasted Almond flavour 

    "Truly exquisite Experience"

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