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Introducing the Catering Pack of PRAANA TEA's Summer Delight Fruit Infusion, weighing 500g.

Sourced in a pure and natural way, this tea boasts an infusion of hibiscus, rosehip, and luxury apple and orange pieces that will refresh and energize you all day long.

This all-time seasonal infusion is perfect for winding down, making it a great addition to any tea collection.

Order now and enjoy the invigorating taste of PRAANA TEA's Summer Delight Fruit Infusion.

PRAANA TEA - Summer Delight Fruit Infusion - Catering Pack - 500g

SKU: 513-500
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  • Naturally dried luxury apple pieces, orange, papaya, cinnamon, hibiscus,rosehip, rose petals, sunflowers, and natural flavours

  • LEAVES: Blend of dried fruits, herbs and Spices
    TASTE: Full orange and apple flavour with a slight tartness.
    STRENGTH: Full Bodied
    CAFFEINE CONTENT: Nil (Caffeine Free)
    WELLBEING: Invigorating
    WEIGHT: 500g

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