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Garden fresh delicious teas.


  • All-natural ingredients

  • Biodegradable packing

  • Garden fresh teas directly from the estate

  • Traceability

  • Packed in small quantities, meaning long shelf life

  • Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Ethical Partnership accredited suppliers.

We divided our teas into five categories: Blacks teas, Green Teas, Fruit Teas, Herbal teas and Iced Tea

We source our teas directly from the estates and suppliers with traceability in mind, and they are accredited by FAIR TRADE, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, ETHICAL PARTNERSHIP, and more.

Packed in small quantities means fresh tea with a long shelf life.

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Breakfast tea, afternoon tea… can be some of the categories where black tea will be included. There are many types of black tea such as the English Breakfast Tea, Orange Pekoe Tea and Earl Grey Tea. The health benefits of black tea are its contribution to the utilisation of insulin in the body, reducing high blood pressure, improving gut health, controlling cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels, and much more. This tea is perhaps the most devoured tea globally and has several medical advantages. 

On average, the caffeine content in black tea is 14 to 61 mg per 8 oz. of the beverage.

PRAANA TEA provides you with a vast variety of black teas, also including decaf loose-leaf tea and Indian Chai. All of our loose-leaf black teas have been specially blended to highlight the great taste and health benefits of each ingredient. 


It is a not very well-known fact that both the black tea and green originate from the same plant species, with the only difference being in the way of processing the tea leaves. The benefits of green tea come from the leaves that are mixed with 100% organic ingredients, making them as great as detox and de-stress teas.

On average, the caffeine content in green tea is 24 to 40mg per 8 oz. of the beverage.

At PRAANA TEA, we offer you a variety of green teas, such as Sencha Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea that have been specially blended to highlight the great taste and health benefits of each ingredient.

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Our fruit teas are an astonishingly delectable mixture of natural product fruits that are loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals, making them a great asset for removal of toxins and the general health. The scrumptious mixes of different dried organic products joined with the normal flavours make a late spring cooler or a wintertime summer brew in natural fruit tea while being naturally caffeine free. 

At PRAANA TEA, we offer a range of fruit tea including Hibiscus Tea, Ginger Tea and Strawberry Tea that have been specially blended to highlight the great taste and health benefits of each ingredient.




Herbal teas are a mix of various types of herbs. The antioxidants and nutrients are the reason for the great health benefits as herbal teas are extraordinary for helping to fight illness and contaminations, securing against oxidative pressure, and lower the danger of persistent infection. These teas will lighten your ordinary health when taken consistently. Herbal tea can help you relieve stress, boost the immune system, aid digestion, and aid weight loss.

At PRAANA TEA, we offer a range of herbal tea including Chamomile Tea, Rooibos Tea, and Peppermint Tea that has been specially blended to highlight the great taste and health benefits of each ingredient.

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Our Christmas Tea consolidates occasional flavours with a vigorous base of natural black tea to make one of our most well-known mixes, inseparable from occasion fun. This tea is a sweet-smelling mix that joins the best black teas with the conventional kinds of cinnamon and clove.


Breathe in the warm floats of hot goodness and get ready to enjoy your tea while enjoying the Christmas festivities around you. Place an order for the best Christmas tea now!


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No matter how much we love our teas, it gets rather difficult to have those hot brews in hot summers. Therefore, we have come to you with our best alternative - the iced teas, which will revive you from the scorching heat and rehydrate you at the same time.


Our iced teas come in various flavours and they are the best when it comes to rejuvenating you in the hot summers. These teas come in different varieties and you can choose according to your preference.

Get ready to buy our tasty iced tea in the flavour of your choice.

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