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Indulge in the refreshing blend of PRAANA TEA's Rooibos and Lemongrass Herbal Tea. This 100g package is packed with high-quality Rooibos tea leaves that are expertly infused with the zesty aroma and taste of lemongrass.

Enjoy the perfect balance of smoothness and tartness in every sip, either hot or iced. For an extra zing, add a slice of lemon and let the flavors come alive.

This tea is not just delicious but also healthy, as it is free from caffeine and rich in antioxidants.

PRAANA TEA - Rooibos and Lemongrass Herbal Infusion - Retail Pack - 100 g

SKU: 517-100
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  • Luxury Rooibos, Lemongrass, Calendula Petals and Natural Flavours

  • LEAVES: Grade 1 Rooibos. Deep red leaves
    TASTE: Smooth and slightly tart enhanced by natural lemon flavour
    STRENGTH: Medium Bodied
    CAFFEINE CONTENT: Nil - Caffeine Free
    WELLBEING: Refreshing
    WEIGHT: 100g

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