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PRAANA TEA's Egyptian Camomile Herbal Infusion is a catering pack of 500g, perfect for tea connoisseurs' and businesses looking to stock up on high-quality tea.

This herbal infusion is made using the gentlest and most fragrant camomile flowers sourced directly from Egypt.

The sandy loam soil of the Nile River ensures that this tea is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and oils that offer therapeutic benefits such as digestion aid, stress relief, and anxiety reduction.

Enjoy a calming and soothing cup of tea with PRAANA TEA's Egyptian Camomile Herbal Infusion.

PRAANA TEA - Egyptian Camomile Herbal Infusion - Catering Pack - 500g

SKU: 515-500
24,99£ Ordinarie pris
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  • Luxury sun dried Egyptian Camomile flower

  • LEAVES: 1st Grade, field-grown, sundried
    TASTE: Fruity with a light floral flavour
    STRENGTH: Light Bodied
    CAFFEINE CONTENT: Nil (Caffeine Free)
    WELLBEING: Calming and relaxing
    WEIGHT: 500g

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